Tuo® 360 dramatically kicks your existing CRM Platform into overdrive.

This isn’t just a solution that “works” for health plans. It was built for health plans.

Implementing a CRM is a time-consuming and costly endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. Tuo 360—an overlay that instantly transforms SalesForce and Dynamics into health plan-specific solutions—removes the barriers to your CRM success. All departments, from sales and marketing to compliance, service and more, can leverage a single resource to manage their business at all levels. Tuo 360 will revolutionize the way you work.

Identify opportunities and potential hurdles with meaningful dashboards and analytics that drive your business.

Key metrics, reporting and analytics, campaign performance, task prioritization—it’s all organized and displayed within our dashboard visualization. Regardless of your role, you gain visibility into your entire business. See which channels are excelling and which ones need attention. Manage appeals, grievances and credentialing. Proactively manage quoting, enrollment, renewals. It’s the ultimate, 360-degree solution across all member touch points.

A single platform. Unlimited possibilities.

No more endless searching across multiple systems. Proactively engage your
key user groups across the entire company with an enterprise-class CRM solution.

  • Marketing

    Enhance your campaign precision, reach and response effectiveness through segmentation and analytics.


    With real-time, integrated, seamless enrollment and automated workflow, you can improve agent and conversion performance.

  • management

    Gain real-time visibility across
    products, departments and
    sales channels.

  • service

    Improve the customer experience with easy access to member details and quality “1x data entry.” That means information is submitted once—and it’s accessible across all departments.

A CRM solution that’s truly transformational


True Automation

Eliminate the manual processes that are slowing your team down. Implement marketing, sales and service automation to nurture relationships. Increase operational efficiency and gain the synergies enabled by sharing data across your enterprise, streamlining every customer interaction.

True flexibility

True flexibility

From defined contributions and benefits, private exchanges, subsidies and eligibility to addressing issues around young, aging and high-risk populations, your business is complex and constantly changing. Tuo 360 provides the flexibility and tools to proactively address changes, opportunities and threats.

True results

True results

Our health plan-specific CRM overlay increases acquisition and retention rates, as well as revenue per member through upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

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