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Case Studies

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See how Colibrium has transformed our clients’ processes in these in-depth case studies—and start thinking about how we could transform yours.


Boost Health Plan Sales Productivity with Tuo® 360

Leveraging Tuo® 360, a CRM overlay solution from HGS Colibrium, Inc., Affinity Health realized lower fixed head costs, improved workflow, and saw productivity in its sales organization increase by 40 percent.


Managing Health Insurance Marketplace Sales with BPO and Tuo® 360

A national health plan wanted to upgrade its sales products in the new Health Insurance Marketplace. They turned to business processing outsourcing and Tuo® 360, a CRM overlay solution from HGS Colibrium, Inc., to stand up sales staff across the U.S. in a completely new market.


Leveraging Tuo® 360 to Streamline Reporting and Business Processes

Leveraging Tuo® 360, a CRM overlay solution from HGS Colibrium, Inc., for its large group marketplace, the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA), was able to bring critical efficiencies to reporting and data gathering from multiple accounts and systems, e-mails, and personal files.

White Papers

A partner with a point of view.

As experienced as we are in developing and implementing transformative products and innovative solutions, we also have an even more valuable asset—an opinion. From predicting trends to navigating the latest mandates, you’ll find our latest POVs published here.


Real-Time Connections with Tuo® Interconnect

CRM systems are only as powerful as the data they are provided. With Tuo® Interconnect from HGS Colibrium, Inc., health plans can automatically feed critical, real-time data to create a powerful, holistic sales and marketing tool.


Devising a New Strategy for Member Engagement

Legislative reforms and consumerization have changed how people shop for and enroll in health plans. Here is the critical infrastructure health insurance organizations need to accelerate data acquisition and optimize the consumer experience.

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