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Colibrium's Marketplace is a transformational platform providing health plans with the ability to sell and service all health insurance products online, engaging members throughout the customer lifecycle (including bill payment and automated renewals). This best-in-class, highly configurable solution helps you manage, optimize and grow your business, easily expanding product offerings or launching new markets. With Marketplace, your attention can be placed where it belongs — on your customers.

Enhanced Direct Enrollment

Enhanced Direct Enrollment: Changing the Game in the Individual Marketplace

Colibrium is now offering a white-label Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) solution to health plans who plan to go live in the 2020 Open Enrollment Period (OEP). Our EDE pathway allows brokers and consumers to enroll in subsidized plans without requiring a trip to and without the dreaded "double-redirect".

Forward Apps

Forward™ Apps - Kick your CRM into overdrive with insights that lead to action.

The Forward™ Apps are a revolutionary collection of extensions for the most popular modern CRM platforms: Salesforce® and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. These apps are designed to extend the CRM platforms' functionality to better support the health insurance industry. They provide comprehensive profiles of your members, brokers and/or providers, and create an extensible toolset that can propel payers to the next level of analytics-driven workflow automation and relationship management. In a time when member, broker and provider relationships are evolving and changing almost as rapidly as technology itself, the Forward™ Apps from HGS Colibrium bring much needed healthcare-specific extensions to the Salesforce® and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM platforms.

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