The collaboration will provide health plans with comprehensive predictive analytics capabilities across health plan sales, wellness effectiveness, and member servicing business units

Colibrium Partners, the leader in health Insurance sales, service, wellness and private exchange automation announced a strategic alliance today with Predixion Software, a leading provider of collaborative predictive analytics solutions. The partnership will provide health plans utilizing the Tuo® Suite unique insight into member purchasing decisions and behaviors, including drivers that influence disenrollment and satisfaction, which are critical for increasing member acquisition and retention, plan profitability and competitive advantage.

Tuo® and Predixion integrate Tuo Dynamics, which is based upon Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with Predixion Software’s predictive modeling platform, and provide health plans with greater insight into their member population. The integrated solution arms health plans with knowledge surrounding member decisions and behavior, and in doing so, enables them to focus and fine tune both their marketing and retention strategies to gain, grow, and build member loyalty. When the majority of the healthcare reform bill goes into effect in 2014, consumers will have many insurance options. Health plans with a loyal member base that can demonstrate that they know and care about their members will be critical to winning many of them.

Member retention continues to be a struggle for many health plans. With studies showing that retaining an existing member is five to seven times less expensive than acquiring a new member, health plans are continually seeking ways to better understand their members in order to protect their initial investment as well as their future revenue streams.

Tuo – Predixion Integration offers predictive modeling and analysis in the following key areas:

  • Consumer Purchasing Preferences
  • Member Retention
  • Improving Member Health
  • Managing Healthcare Costs

“Together, we look forward to providing health plan carriers with industry-leading predictive analytics. In today and tomorrow’s market, truly understanding member behaviors and drivers is imperative to compete and improve member health. These capabilities will enable health plans to lower risk and the cost of care.” said Mark T. Poling, Co-Founder and CEO of Colibrium Partners.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to predictively enable the Tuo suite of products,” said Simon Arkell, Predixion’s co-founder and CEO. “Our partnership with Colibrium is another example of how Predixion is applying our game changing predictive analytics platform in the healthcare industry. Leading health plans understand the importance of transitioning from reactive to proactive care and Predixion is helping them do this by identifying where their efforts will be of most benefit to their members.”

“The health plans most likely to gain share and retain customers better than their competitors are those that view CRM not as a product, but rather a company-wide strategy to develop longer, stronger, trust-based relationships with customers by understanding their needs, behaviors, and values,” said Dennis Schmuland, chief health strategy officer, U.S. Health and Life Sciences, Microsoft. “Colibrium and Predixion’s alliance is an example of how technology companies can work together to enable health plans to understand and even predict both the needs and risks of their members and position themselves to proactively act on those insights to meet and exceed the service expectation of each member.”

About Colibrium Partners Colibrium Partners brings unmatched experience and the most comprehensive sales and service technology platform available today. Tuo®provides health insurance plans a unified Marketing, Sales, Underwriting, Care Management and Service platform enabling business functions to be unified, working together across traditional, online, social media and mobile channels.

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About Predixion Software Predixion Software develops predictive analytics technology that integrates with leading business intelligence platforms, business applications and clinical systems. Predixion offers an easy-to-deploy self-service predictive analytics solution that allows customers to unlock deep insights within their data. Predixion’s healthcare solutions division is committed to finding new and innovative ways to apply our predictive technology to the challenges created by the rapidly evolving healthcare economy. For more information visit us at