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Offer consumers the best in convenience, service and support with Colibrium's Marketplace and Forward™ CRM Apps.

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Whether you’re launching products, changing distribution strategies or transforming your member engagement, as you grow—our software grows with you.


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Creating a competitive edge for every position within your health plan.

Implementing new software, processes or strategies can be challenging. Colibrium offers tangible benefits that positively impact each department and ultimately, the entire company.

  • Optimize Performance

    Positively manage your sales pipeline with
    seamless visibility across all products and channels

  • Lowered Cost of Acquisition

    Drive higher campaign engagement with segmented
    precision marketing capabilities.

  • CRM Automation

    Automate manual tasks and workflows across your
    teams, brokers and key stakeholders.

  • Increase Campaign ROI

    Utilize analytics and precise segmentation to
    drive targeted messaging and increase response rates.

  • Maximize Member Lifetime Value

    Automate cross-selling campaigns throughout the
    entire member journey with our 360-degree solution.

  • Optimize Retention

    Enable automated, tiered servicing to your most
    valuable customers and brokers.

  • Increase Operational Efficiency

    Eliminate paper, rekeying and manual workflows
    for a streamlined effect.

  • Increase Cross-Departmental Coordination

    Break down data and department silos with a
    CRM that all personnel can access.

  • Improve Customer Service Levels

    Leverage Tuo integration to automate key business
    functions from appointments to appeals.

  • Lower System Support Costs

    Eliminate multiple points of integration and
    duplicative data maintenance.

  • Empower End-User Self-Service

    Access analytics, monitor dashboards and
    create workflows without being dependent on I.T.

  • Maintain Security and Compliance

    Feel confident in implementing a secure, redundant,
    high-performance environment.

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Partner with Health Plan Software veterans and IT visionaries whose innovative software solutions are built to drive your business ahead of the ever-changing landscape.

Success stories start with Colibrium.

“We’ve gone from being blind to having sight. Colibrium’s Forward™ CRM Apps allows us to view our performance at a very granular level. Forward™ CRM Apps’s dashboards have become the essence of how we operate.”

DeWitt Smith | Senior Vice President, Affinity

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